Dear Ms. Oehlert,

“Thank you for again coming to us sharing with us your wide range of expertise. We truly enjoyed hearing about “Four Personalities” and trying to figure out our own. Your talk was truly enlightening and enjoyable. Thank you so very much.”


“…thanks for sharing your thoughts with us at our meeting. You opened our hearts and made us examine what we do for others. We enjoyed your presentation enormously.”


“Nancy – I have really enjoyed your lessons from the past few weeks. So amazing how the stories we have heard numerous times can still help to transform us.”

Blessings,  M.

“Dear Nancy – I just wanted to tell you that last Sunday’s Bible lesson was a blessing to me. God’s truth touched my very fragile emotions and the tears flowed. The Lord has definitely gifted you with the talent of teaching and inspiring others…May He continue to use you for His glory.”


“Nancy spoke on “Chaos vs. Creation.” Fantastic presentation for a Christian world view…possibly paradigm-changing!”


Wow! Nancy did an amazing job! Student participation was spot on! Thanks again, Nancy!


“I really enjoyed that she gave us so many practical things that we can do helper lives and our children.”

-Diane R. 

“I connected very closely w/ this speaker because she’s from Texas and I’m from Texas! I thought the way she introduced herself to us on Friday night was exceptional. I loved every minute of it. And then to see Granny come in the next morning, we learned a lot about love, sharing and trust. Nancy was absolutely wonderful!”

-Linda H.

“Wow, it was fabulous!  I just love Granny! When Nancy walked out onto the stage her comments were so funny! We couldn’t stop laughing!”

-Rita H.

“She has an awesome personality and she’s real. You know? You could feel the realness. Anytime they can bring her back in, I’ll be here. She just makes you feel good.”

-Mary P.

“We had a wonderful weekend! All I’ve heard from others is how ‘down to earth’ Nancy was. She was funny. She shared her issues and that made us feel like we could share our own issues, too.  I’m on the committee that organized this and all we’ve heard from everybody is they really enjoyed it. I would not hesitate to bring Nancy back, again. I’ve already called others and recommended her.”

-C. T. 

“It was just wonderful! Very challenging. Granny had so many good things to say!”

-Vivian L.