Author: Nancy Oehlert

Some Seasons of Your Life Are Going to be More Beautiful Than Others: Each Season Will Have its Unique Charms.

Life has its seasons, doesn’t it?  I’m not talking about the four seasons that escort us through the year. I’m talking about seasons of life. We all experience them. Some are joyful, others sad. Some pass way too quickly and others seem to drag on forever, like a Texas summer. My favorite season of the…

By Nancy Oehlert July 9, 2018 0

Warning: Changes Ahead!

If you’re looking for encouragement, I’m hoping that this lifts you up. If you’re looking for a positive thought to get you through the day, let this blog spur you on! If you’re looking for a life that is full of meaning, that’s where I’m headed, too. Hop on and let’s search together. But, I’m…

By Nancy Oehlert June 19, 2018 2

Many Leave. This is Why We Stay.

Mark and I have been members of our congregation for over 27 years. We’ve seen some stuff, okay? Great stuff, bad stuff and everything in between. Over the years we have known a large number of military families, students, and soon-to-be doctors. The location of our congregation makes for a lot of coming and going.…

By Nancy Oehlert June 13, 2018 6