Author: Nancy Oehlert

Your Beloved Unbeliever

Do you love someone who is struggling with their belief in God? Has a precious person in your life ever told you that they’re not a believer anymore? Perhaps as a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, teacher or loving adult you’ve heard a younger individual say to you, “I don’t go to church any more.…

By Nancy Oehlert November 15, 2018 0

Are You Secretly Dreading Thanksgiving?

Why are holidays often difficult? The short answer here is, because holidays involve people. People are imperfect. They are challenging and sometimes maddening. It’s human nature to want a family connection,  to want good relationships with those closest to us. The difficulty lies in the fact that our expectations of family and the reality of…

By Nancy Oehlert October 11, 2018 2

Set in Stone

(“Set in stone” – a term used to emphasize that something is fixed and unchangeable.)   Knowing that someone is gone can be a hard thing. Missing them can make for some rough moments, particularly on special occasions when they most certainly would have been present. But seeing their name ’set in stone’ on a…

By Nancy Oehlert August 5, 2018 0