Allow Yourself to Pray for the Impossible and See What Happens

Allow Yourself to Pray for the Impossible and See What Happens

October 19, 2019 8 By Nancy

When I asked God to give me children, against all odds, I wanted to believe, but I struggled.

Have you ever been there?

I had grown up hearing about the God of the impossible. About people whose prayers had been answered against staggering odds. Oh, how I wanted to believe! But what if I believed with every fiber of my being and it didn’t happen? I did not want to have my faith destroyed.

Can you relate to that? 

I was still in my twenties. After 8 and a half years of trying to get pregnant and waiting for the day when we could make our big announcement, I stood shell-shocked as I hung up the phone. My husband, Mark, called from the doctor’s office. He had cancer. It was one of three types. Two would kill him. The third, curable cancer was unlikely given his age.

Have you ever thought that  things were as rough as they could get.- then they got worse? 

It seemed that all my years of praying, crying, and moaning about wanting a child had sidetracked me from being thankful for what I already had. I realized that I should have been giving thanks for a loving, godly husband. 

Now faced with the distinct possibility of losing him, my prayer life experienced an abrupt shift.  “God, I’m so sorry for being so narrow-minded. My headstrong determination to be a mother completely  eclipsed my thankfulness for a good marriage. Please, make Mark well.” 

Have you ever been so focused on a prayer request that being thankful got sidetracked? 

Trying to maintain a sense of normalcy was a challenge with surgery and radiation treatments. Mark soldiered on working as long as he could each day until the radiation therapy sent him to the bathroom to vomit for long periods. Afterward, exhausted, he would sleep until late in the evening. We were, without a doubt, a mess. 

Maybe you, too, have been an absolute mess?

Our life experiences had not prepared us for this. Very few of our friends had any experience with cancer. They didn’t know what to do or say to comfort us. But a few hung in there. Showing up at ‘just the right time’. Loving and praying us through our new ‘hell on earth’.

We were blessed with the comfort of our families. Our parents and grandparents were no doubt praying for us far more than we realized. In short, even in the midst of our private hell, we were blessed! Christ walked with us among the flames. And we came through it very much alive.

What fires have you been through where, looking back,  you know that God was there with you the whole time?

Life has taught me that we don’t always know what to ask for. And if we knew what the days ahead held, our prayer lives would change. I learned that I needed to pray more often, more fervently.

When you wake each morning, you can’t know what that day will hold. So it makes sense to be in constant contact with God, who does know.

Our prayer life now includes lots of ‘thank you’s’ and praises. We pray for the impossible because we’ve seen God deliver the impossible.

All those prayers for children? God answered and blessed us (Mark is still cancer-fee today) with two daughters! Raising those precious girls was a blessed season in our life. 

God blessed us against all odds.

How about you?

Have you struggled to believe in the God of the impossible?

Imagine him blessing you in ways you can’t see or understand!

There will be struggles. There will be imperfect belief. But God truly is the God of the impossible and no one can tell me any different – because I am living it each and every day.


Photo by Rohit Guntur on Unsplash