When love leaves you no option, destroy something.

When love leaves you no option, destroy something.

September 3, 2019 4 By Nancy Oehlert

“Peter, we’re going to have to ask some people to leave. It’s getting too crowded! There’s barely room for the Teacher to sit.” 

“Who am I going to ask to leave, Rachel?  Many of the Pharisees and teachers of the law are here. They’ve come from every village in Galilee. And others from as far away as Judea and Jerusalem! Who do I tell to go away? I’ll get James to help me. We’ll move the table and some other furniture and set it out back. That will make more room.”

Rachel couldn’t help being a bit concerned. In every corner of her home, she saw the sick and the infirm. Those two woman over in the far corner, the older one has a cough that sounds terrible. And that young man near the window, he can barely stand! One has only to look at him to see that he’s terribly sick. 

Rachel prayed silently, “God, protect my children! I don’t want them to become ill. There are sick people all around us with more people coming in.”  

She tried to focus on what the Teacher was saying. A short time later, there was a disturbance outside. She looked toward the door. Someone else was wanting in. But with the house full, there were so many people standing in the open doorway that getting in or out was impossible.  The commotion quieted. Rachel assumed that whoever had wanted in had given up. She turned her attention back to Jesus. 

Moments later, dust began to fall from the ceiling.  There were people on the roof! Were they crowding the roof now? Was it going to collapse in on them? 

There was a loud cracking sound, followed by a thick cloud of dust and debris. As the dust settled, there appeared a hand, a hand chipping away at the edges of the large hole now torn in the roof! 

The Teacher stopped talking. He raised his eyes to the ceiling above him and smiled. The hole grew larger. His smile broadened.  

“What is that bundle?” Peter whispered as he moved to investigate the damage to his home. 

It was a man! Someone was lowering a crippled man through their roof! Those men who carried him had torn apart the roof  to get their loved one in front of Jesus. The healer. The Teacher. 

Rachel and Peter looked at each other in stunned silence. Who were these desperate and determined men? Their faith in Jesus was apparent. But the roof! 

Just then, the Teacher spoke.

Are you drawing a crowd?

If Jesus is in your home, people are going to show up. They’re going to come with their problems, illnesses, and issues. They’re going to call at late hours. It’s going to get a bit messy. It’s going to be inconvenient. 

Loving people. Serving people. Offering your home as a place where others can meet Jesus, sometimes it’s hard work. It may cost you something.  Is your home filled with people hungry for the words of God? 

Faith in action.

     • Offer to pray with and for friends, neighbors, and co-workers who you know are going through rough seasons.

     • Host a Bible study in your home that focuses on the life of Jesus.

     • Invite a few friends over to watch a ‘family-friendly’ movie. Everyone can bring something for the snack bar. 

     • Plan a pot luck dinner. After the meal, go around the room, letting each person share their prayer requests.

We all have friends that need the healing power of Jesus, who desperately need to be brought before him. Jesus drew crowds wherever he went and he is still the source of healing.

Destroyed any roofs lately?