Month: August 2019

Satan Wants You to Grow Up

Satan wants us to think and act like adults. He wants us to feel that we have moved beyond the ‘learning years’. He likes it when we reach the point where we stop asking so many questions.  Adults don’t ask a lot of questions because, truthfully, we’ve already made up our minds about most things.…

By Nancy Oehlert August 22, 2019 2

Training Your Inner Puppy

Youth is so energetic! So exuberant! So time-consuming! So messy…and exhausting.  Trying to focus on writing when there are two new puppies in the house is nearly impossible. The pups, Chip and Penny, are precious, but accidents happen. It’s fun to play with and teach them, but they have a tendency to run without watching…

By Nancy Oehlert August 2, 2019 2