June 24, 2019 0 By Nancy

Football isn’t for girls.

What’s your ‘Game’?

My leg HURT! Hurt like I’d never known. I remember laying in bed thinking, “If I could just go to sleep…” But every time I rolled or shifted the least little bit, the pain spiked again. I don’t remember how I managed to get out of bed, I just remember saying to myself, “I’ve got to get to Mom and Dad.” I knew that they would take care of me.

Their room was just across the hall but I fell after just a few steps and cried out. Sure enough, Mom came running. I don’t remember much else. It happened too long ago, several decades.


My leg was broken. Really broken. Naturally, the physician asked me how it had happened. 

“I was playing football with my brothers last night and got tackled,”  I answered proudly.

“Little girls shouldn’t play football,” the doctor stated. As if I hadn’t heard that before…

 I was a little girl, just six years old. My parents had three boys before I came along. With three older, bigger boys ahead of me, I was a bit of a tomboy. Many of my earliest memories are of trying to do whatever my brothers did. So, I played football. I was proud. The game had always looked like so much fun. It seemed to me that everyone enjoyed it, watched it, talked about it, and played it. If there was a neighborhood game going, I wanted in!

I’d been cautioned by my parents and several others that football was not for girls, that I might get hurt. Sadly, their warnings had no effect on me. At some point, my wise parents realized that I would grow out of it or, more likely, have to learn ‘the hard way’. One seldom appreciates the wisdom of parents until one becomes a parent. Right?

Itchy. Stinky. Not fun.

If you’ve never had a broken leg, let me assure you that being in a cast is very confining, especially for an active six year old. A cast can be very itchy. Very stinky. Very not fun.

I didn’t play football again for a long time after that. I still loved watching the game, but now I knew that getting tackled hurt. 

 I remembered hating the confinement of being in a cast.

Before you start thinking that I learned my lesson rather quickly, stay with me.  Just, a few years later, I did the exact same thing -again. Against better judgement and the advice of those who loved me, I played football – again. I broke my leg – again. It was the same leg in almost the same spot. Again!

 This time, the message got through, “Girls shouldn’t play football. Football is not a game for young girls.”

Ignoring warnings=bad idea

I’d like to tell you that this is an isolated incident in my life. I’d like to tell you that I’m loaded with common sense and am a quick learner. But the truth is, I have a dangerous habit of focusing on what I want to do and ignoring what I should do. I can be stubborn. I have a bad habit of ignoring advice and warnings. I have not always heeded ’the gentle voice’.   

Being stubborn is a decision. It’s a decision which often leads to one appearing stupid. So, I’m learning to ask myself, “Why would this individual advise or caution me against this? Has this person ever steered me wrong? What is their motive? Do they have my best interest at heart?”

God has shown remarkable patience with my stubborn heart. He loved me even in my stubborn ignorance. BUT!

He also loved me too much to leave me there. Over the years God has allowed certain situations in my life in order that I might  learn and grow. He put me in situations where I had a choice to follow my own will or to let go. 

Ever been there? God loves each of us just as we are. (I find that amazing!) BUT! He will not leave us as we are. He calls us to something higher. Something better. He wants us to be like his son, Jesus. And Jesus, himself, said, “…be perfect as I am perfect.”

Consider the source.

Have you been cautioned by godly parents or friends about the path you’re on? Are you ‘playing a game’ that is unsafe?Are their warnings having any affect on you? If not, why not? 

Will you heed the gentle voice or do you require a ‘shout’ to get your attention?

Ask yourself what purpose your stubbornness (ignorance) is serving? 

A stubborn child will ‘play the game’ in spite of the danger. That child will turn a deaf ear to the warnings and advice of those who love and seek their welfare

Everyone has a ‘crowd’? What direction is your crowd following? What game are they playing? Is it safe for you?

If you’re headed the wrong way or playing a dangerous ‘game’, get a new crowd, dearest. Play a different game. Because in the end, you won’t hear, “Wow! She was so bold. So tough. She followed her own path. She did it ‘her way’! 

That, dear reader, is worldly advice, worldly admiration. In the end in you will suffer injury, and possibly destruction.

The great physician has decreed that certain ‘games’, certain activities are not for you. You will be injured. 

Heed his gentle voice and the voices of those who genuinely love you and who seek your welfare…or pay the price.