Month: February 2019

Hands Up!

Confession time. If we’re being really honest, it was all I could do to not roll my eyes and look away. I used to be really uncomfortable with people reaching out or lifting up hands to God during corporate worship.  Culture, tradition, worship style, whatever you want to call it, I almost cringed.  I thought…

By Nancy February 25, 2019 5

What Old Photos Reveal

It happened again. An old, ugly habit showed up. My ‘open-the-mouth-without-thinking’ habit. Throughout my life, my mouth has gotten me into a lot of trouble. A whole lot. When am I going to learn? I was talking with Jana, a sweet, generous friend. She’d seen my appeal on social media for inexpensive, quiet places to…

By Nancy Oehlert February 11, 2019 6