Hey, You! The One With the Skunky Attitude…

Hey, You! The One With the Skunky Attitude…

July 2, 2018 0 By Nancy Oehlert

Did you really say that?!

“I accept your job offer. I’m ready to be a part of the team, sir.  However, you should know that I’ll only be showing up for work when I feel like it. You know, when there’s nothing better going on. And if someone at work says something to upset me, I’ll leave. “


“Yes! I’ll marry you! I’ll take your name! However, I may not always wear your name. You see, there may be times when I want to go somewhere or do something with my friends who know me by my old name. Times where I might feel the need to be ‘incognito’. Don’t worry, I’ll be home most of the time.  But sometimes, just every now and then, I may need a break from you and the family. So when I disappear for a few weeks occasionally, it’s nothing personal. I just ‘need my space.’ If  you really love me the way you say you do,  you’ll forgive me.”


“I’m on the team! I made the cut! This is gonna really impress some people! What was that you said? Practice? You mean like the whole conditioning thing?  Ah, not necessary. As you can see I’m already in pretty good shape. I’m comfortable with how I am. Besides, there’s plenty of people on the team that are way faster. Let them do the running! I don’t like getting all sweaty. And the last time I tried to build stronger muscles, I just got sore.”


“I’m with the band! I made it! Practice? PShhh! No. I never said anything about wanting to be a professional musician. Let’s don’t get carried away, okay? Besides, I’m too busy to practice and the guy next to me practices enough for both of us. If the song gets hard, I’ll just move my fingers and act like I’m playing. It’s not like I’m gonna be called on to do any solos.”


Reasoning like this would never fly in the ‘real world’.

No supervisor, spouse, coach or director would allow such a skunky attitude.

Can you see where we’re headed? I’m ashamed to admit that in some seasons of my life, I have been guilty of similar thoughts when it comes to my Christian walk. No one who wants to keep their job, stay married, be on the team, or play with the band would ever think or act that way. So why does this type of thinking creep into our faith? Why does it show up in the spiritual world? I’m asking.


Are we the frog in the pan of hot water?

I’ve been puzzling over this for a while now and still can’t explain it. I can’t imagine that anyone has this attitude when they first come to Christ. It’s doubtful that anyone plans to fall into this type of skunky thinking.

I believe that it happens slowly, over a stretch of time. It creeps in almost unnoticed. Like the frog that doesn’t leap out of the water as it is slowly heated. He stays in, unable to perceive the heat until he cooks to death. It begins with a missed worship service every now and then. Which makes it easier to skip the next time. Perhaps it’s a short trip back into the world of the ‘old self’ when meeting up with friends from the past.

And rather than feel bad about what we’ve done, we reason it away. We justify. This makes it easier to do it again and again, until our thinking is clouded and our hearts become calloused. The first chapter of the book of Romans has a strong warning against this type of living and this pattern of thinking.

We all know about God’s patient and forgiving nature. And as much as  I’d like to ‘camp out’ there, we also know that God is just. Remember that the sacrifice brought by Cain was found unacceptable.

Has God changed his standard toward half-hearted worship? Doubtful. So, let’s don’t worship that way anymore. Let’s stop giving God the ‘leftovers’ of our lives. Instead, offer back to God the BEST of what he’s given, our best attitudes, our best efforts, and our absolute faithfulness.

My imperfect life makes me incredibly thankful for God’s patient, forgiving nature.  And no matter what kind of skunky attitude we have, if we turn our hearts to him,  he’ll forgive us. Keep reminding yourself of these things.

• As you’re living, you’re on the job.

• Christ is home waiting for his faithful bride.

• The team, (the church), they need you to share the skills and talents that you have.

Imagine the difference a higher level of commitment is going to make in your life, in the life of your family and in the life of the church.


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