Month: June 2018

Warning: Changes Ahead!

If you’re looking for encouragement, I’m hoping that this lifts you up. If you’re looking for a positive thought to get you through the day, let this blog spur you on! If you’re looking for a life that is full of meaning, that’s where I’m headed, too. Hop on and let’s search together. But, I’m…

By Nancy Oehlert June 19, 2018 2

Many Leave. This is Why We Stay.

Mark and I have been members of our congregation for over 27 years. We’ve seen some stuff, okay? Great stuff, bad stuff and everything in between. Over the years we have known a large number of military families, students, and soon-to-be doctors. The location of our congregation makes for a lot of coming and going.…

By Nancy Oehlert June 13, 2018 6