All of life’s transitions…

…are opportunities for blessing and a more abundant life!

Staring at the headstone, I cried for my friend. Her husband had died, leaving her a widow many years ago. Now they were reunited. 

There would soon be a new set of numbers engraved on that stone. And between the numbers, there would be a dash. That dash, a simple line etched in stone, would be there to represent a life.

Her’s was a life well lived. A life I was able to share for a


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few brief years. I’d seen her go through many transitions, some of them tougher and more challenging than others.

She assured me that all the challenges of transition were accompanied by blessing. She left a legacy of “looking at the bright side of things.”

It’s a powerful legacy of love and faith and family. I’m going to miss my friend. 

I felt so alone.

We all want to know that we aren’t alone, that other people have faced what we’re facing. We need hope. We need assurance that we will come out on the other side…perhaps wiser and better for the experience. 

I know how that feels. I have felt all those things. The last six years have taken me through so many life-altering transitions. I feel at least a bit wiser for the experience.  

I’ve always known that we only get one chance at life. But I never gave much thought to what kind of legacy I was going to leave.

Thinking that you’re going to die, and then not dying, gives you a clearer perspective on that sort of thing. It changes the direction your life takes.

My mission in life now? With whatever time I have left, I want to encourage everyone who will listen to the message that ALL of life’s transitions can be opportunities for blessing and a more abundant life.

 If you relate to this in any way, join me on the journey! Let’s share what we have learned and what we are going through with each other.

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